BEAT BOX BREATHE is our class creation that combines all the best elements from Breathe, Beat and Box classes and fits them all into one 45minute session. Energise, sweat, get strong, stretch and feel centred all in one class. This class is a bag of surprises for anyone who is game enough to walk through the Beat Body sliding doors.

Beat Challenge

BEAT CHALLENGE is what it says it is! It’s a tough 45 minute class where we throw on a banging loud playlist and set the team a huge challenge for the class. Be prepared for us to put you in teams and really get after it for the class. You’ll never know what we’ve prescribed so the challenge will be new to you every time. This is a tough but very rewarding one.


Feel the burn as we move through spicy strength and resistance work challenging your abs, arms and booties. Don’t get too comfortable, high energy cardio and plyo is incorporated in this sweat sesh to get that pulse racing.