Breathe Release

BREATHE RELEASE is our chance to recover from the stress life throws at us. Combining breath-work, foam rolling, stretching and meditation. All designed together to connect us to ourselves through our breath; removing tension, improving recovery, helping posture and decrease any pain in our bodies. Be prepared to take deep restorative breaths and float out the class.

Breathe Tone

BREATHE TONE is perfect for those of you who do a lot of cardio but want to hone in on your body and fine tune those areas we all want tight and toned. With a mixture of floor and standing series this class is perfect to mix up your weekly workouts, slow things down but still feel the burn and see the results.


BEAT BOX BREATHE is our brand new Beat Body class creation that combines all the best elements from Breathe, Beat and Box classes and fits them all into one 45minute session. Energise, sweat, get strong, stretch and feel centred all in one class. This class is a bag of surprises for anyone who is game enough to walk through the Beat Body sliding doors.