Beat Challenge

BEAT CHALLENGE is what it says it is! It’s a tough 45 minute class where we throw on a banging loud playlist and set the team a huge challenge for the class. Be prepared for us to put you in teams and really get after it for the class. You’ll never know what we’ve prescribed so the challenge will be new to you every time. This is a tough but very rewarding one.

Beat Tone

BEAT TONE is perfect for those of you who do a lot of cardio but want to hone in on their body and fine tune those areas we all want tight and toned in 45 minutes. With a mixture of conditioning, strength and resistance and floor and standing series, this good vibes only class is perfect to mix up your weekly workouts, slow things down but still feel the burn and see the results.

Beat Body Online

Beat Body Online allows you to workout from the comfort of your home but still ensures you raise that heartbeat and get a really good sweat on. Using mainly body weight and equipment people have at home the 45 minute class uses music to ensure you push hard and are left feeling energised and pumped from a home workout that is sometimes hard to achieve on your own.