is our cardio infused boxing class. We work the upper body to the beat of the song as we move through both paired and individual exercises we also infuse cardio throughout the workout moving between the floor and the bags. You’ll sweat, punch, squat, lunge & jump just to name a few and leave this class a lot less stressed than when you walked in.

Box Rounds

BOX ROUNDS is exactly what is says on the tin, we move through different stations during the class incorporating a full body workout focused around the movements used in boxing. Using the bags, partners and our body weight to feel the all over body burn, this class is guaranteed a good sweat and the clock allows for maximum intensity in each round.

Box Core

BOX CORE pulls together all of the movements from boxing which focus on your core fitness. Your core is the centre of everything, therefore if we focus solely on this area you will notice the impact on your overall fitness and strength in other areas. Start from the inside out! Push yourself on the aqua bag then get ready for the transitions to focus on those abs considerably more than any of our other 9 signature classes.