BOX CHALLENGE is one of our newest and spiciest classes! 45 Minutes of box and cardio combinations to leave you sweaty and truly pumped! Every class will be new and dynamic to ensure you are using your mind and body throughout. As always the music will be curated especially for the movements to get the most out of you every minute of the class! Ready for the challenged?


Box HIIT is our 45 minute cardio infused boxing class. We combine HIIT and boxing for the ultimate metabolic conditioning workout that takes your fitness and technique to the next level. We work the upper body as we move through boxing combos and interval ‘sprints’ on the punching bags. We also infuse cardio & strength throughout the workout moving between the floor and the cardio machines. You’ll sweat, punch, squat, lunge & jump just to name a few and leave this class feeling like you’ve hit your limits and more.

Box Core

BOX CORE mixes boxing, conditioning and core based exercises in 10 tracks/45 minutes to challenge you to build your core strength and explosiveness to another level. We work the upper body to the beat of the song as we move through pre designed exercises and longer boxing combos on the punching bags. While Box Core has more of a focus on conditioning you will still get the opportunity to exceed your own expectations on the punching bag.