INSTA: @kristenmarconi @letthepeopledance @dybrkr

FAVE MUSIC: House Music, Techno, Tech House, Tribal House, Drums, 90s R’N’B, Reggae, Piano, Ambient. Anything you can dance or move to!

MY PAST: My adult life when not on the dance floor or working in events has involved over 10 years as a Personal Trainer, Muay Thai Kick Boxing, Yoga lover, Barre Instructor and Stretching Coach. Fitness and Music were me from the beginning. I was always dancing. My earliest memories are of dancing along to aerobics oz style and creating my own moves to FitLink Aerobics tapes in primary school.

MY PRESENT: Holistic Personal Trainer, BeatBody Trainer, Barre Instructor and Flexologist. Combining my love of music and fitness together at BeatBody specialising in BREATHE and BOX and in the planning of Sydney’s DAYBREAKER launch season.

OUTSIDE OF BB: I love learning new skills current challenges are learning how to surf and DJ better. By the end of the summer. I want to have my fitness and strength at a level where I begin learning how to Kite Surf. I read constantly and have a deep interest in personal development and how people can heal, change, grow and get the best out of their lives.

I also run an underground music community called LET THE PEOPLE DANCE with my best friend Rachel that is all about the love, community, dance and music and with another friend I’m bringing some more Yoga, Dance, Wellness & Mischief to Sydney very soon in the form of monthly DAYBREAKER events in some of Sydney’s most beautiful locations.