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Our Acupuncturist Daria talks to Tom Sproats, the owner of brand new fitness studio Beat Body.

What is Beat Body all about? Beat Body is a unique beat based fitness concept based around cardio, strength, boxing and also an element of yoga. Each class takes place over 10 songs curated by our instructors to help motivate you through our 45 minute experience.

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Beat Body- Is This The New F45?

It is fast becoming one of the trendiest places to work out. And the concept is quick, easy addictive, effective and fun. Like F45 is all over in 45 minutes.

A slick little studio called Beat Body in Darlinghurst is being tagged as the new F45.

Established by Tom Sproats, the guy behind Scenic Cycle, its has only been open 3 months, and the focus is on the music, making the time fly by.

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New Fitness Studio Beat Body Offers Up Relaxation 2.0

Tucked away in the corner of a small plaza in Darlinghurst is where you’ll find the studio for Sydney’s newest workout sensation, Beat Body. A unique fitness program based around three different 45-minute classes – Beat, Box and Breathe – which between them offer the full range of cardio, strength, bodyweight, boxing and breath-work.

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These Australian start up founders are working it

Understanding the importance of continual innovation and remaining resilient in the face of adversity are the most important qualities for a startup founder to possess, says Beat Body’s Tom Sproats.The fitness entrepreneur, who established Sydney’s Scenic Cycle prior to launching Beat Body in September this year, is no stranger to startups and the blood, sweat and tears necessary to make them work.

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The Wellness Guide's Take On BB

A state of the art studio, uplifting instructors coupled with beat based musical playlists to help drive your workout to another level. BEAT, BOX & BREATHE

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Women's Day: Workouts Making Waves

Taking music and fitness to another level, Sydney’s newest concept gym Beat Body uses songs to dictate its 45-minute sweat sessions.The specifically compiled playlists depend on the pace of the one of three different classes, from HIIT to stretching sessions.